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"Thank you, Louise - it is clear what a teacher you are. You knew how to design the session to be approachable for all levels. And it worked really well."
-- workshop participant, February 2021.

Photo of Louise watching dancers

Caller Workshops (online or in-person)

I lead caller workshops focused on a range of topics and aimed at a variety of calling levels, including, for example: designing a program; writing out a dance card; positional teaching and calling; calling practice and feedback. In 2016, I had the privilege of leading a group of emerging ECD leaders at Pinewoods English Week as we discussed building skills and building a strong future for English dance. I also mentor several callers individually. As a caller, I believe workshops are central to community building, and part of my job, both in the moment and day-to-day.

Positional Calling Workshops

These workshops are intended to introduce participants to positional calling - sometimes described as global terminology - for both ECD/Playford and contra. Discover how the skills you already cultivate as a caller can be enhanced by positional thinking, teaching, and calling - and learn how to use those skills to create a more welcoming, inclusive atmosphere at your dances. These workshops are participatory rather than prescriptive, although I do introduce the strategies that I use in my own teaching and calling as helpful starting points. I have been calling both contra and ECD positionally since 2017 in both the US and the UK.

See notes from past workshops on my how-to page.